Obviously we believe that God is Father. God not only is Father, but:

God blesses as Father.
God speaks as Father.
God works as Father.
God provides as Father.
God warns as Father.
God punishes as Father.

Everything God does is Patriarchal.

How God sees, how God speaks, and how God acts, is worthy of imitation by men striving to be Patriarchs. God, from Genesis 1, is forming Patriarchs. God is fruitful and God exercises dominion. Then God tells man and woman, you be fruitful, you have dominion. 

God is calling us to action. We must respond to this call, engage in this call, be active followers of God and in so doing we become fruitful and we have dominion.

The questions for each chapter elicit from men reflections on: 

1.    God’s Patriarchy
2.    The fruitful and flawed Patriarchy of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses etc… 
3.    Their own Patriarchy

Hopefully, men begin to realize that God’s work is a model for their work, and God works through flawed and faithful men to accomplish God’s purposes. The flow of blessing we try to make evident in Patriarch is this; God blesses man. In turn a man will bless his wife, and they will bless their children. Their children will then bless their spouses, and they will bless their children. As blessing flows through generations, each generation brought up strong and virtuous, will seek God’s will, and live in his blessing.