Beginning with the story of Creation in Genesis, Patriarch Men's Groups reflect on the models of fatherly leadership narrated throughout scripture. Patriarch Men's Groups curriculum is less a class of instruction, and more a forum for intelligent discussion and application of the lessons of the Word of God.

The structure for each session is simple:

1.     Men pray the Word at the beginning by reciting and reflecting on a Psalm
2.    Men discuss the Word in the middle by reflecting on the life of a Patriarch from Scripture
3.    Men apply the Word at the end by making a resolution related to the lesson in the chapter

The questions for each chapter elicit from men reflections on: 

1.     God’s Patriarchy
2.    The fruitful and flawed Patriarchy of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses etc… 
3.    Their own Patriarchy

The goal of Patriarch Men's Groups is to accustom men to:

1.     Biblical prayer
2.    Biblical reading and discussion
3.    Applying the Word
4.    Personal, vocal prayer with another adult.

The hope is that as Catholic men can get comfortable doing those exercises at Patriarch, they will begin to exercise biblical prayer, biblical reading, applying the word, and personal-vocal prayer at home with their wives and with their children. And that will change the next generation.